Friday, January 25

making me happy

01. Meg's bath photos.
02. Robin's post gave me a boost.
03. The sweet voice of a different Ms. Hannigan. Via Lacey.
04. A bathtub sofa.
05. Picture pretty at Cherry Blossom Girl. Via Layers of Meaning.
06. Did you see all of the lovely winter whites over here?
07. I'd like to have a life that looks as pretty and fun as Stephanie's.
08. A collection of traincases. The red one reminds me of my mom.
09. The amazing shade of icy blue that takes over at 6 p.m.
10. Finally meeting the face behind these fun cards.
11. Peeking at Celeste's ballerina photos.
12. A row of stamps from Mexico that decorate a package from Jo.
13. Instant messaging with mom at 2 in the a.m.
14. Link love from The Scoop and Miss Spinach. Gracias, ladies.

Now go enjoy the snow. Or if you're in Australia, go enjoy the sun. I've got some more cleaning-out to do.



Suzanna Mars said...

Or the rain!

Great list--very heartfelt!

Ann Marie said...

Love Lisa Hannigan now that you've just introduced me to I'll have to figure out how to go about getting her into my little i.

JESS said...

just wanted to tell ya i love your blog...and yho. :)

JESS said...

Yes, Jack is a brussels griffon & he would absolutely love a girlfriend. He is quite the little lover! Do you have a griffon?

lauracrow said...

ali dear! you DO have a life that is as pretty and fun as stephanie's. at least i think so. xo

liz s said...

great to finally meet you too! we should get together for lunch sometime...

Brooke Romney said...

I really like the post from Stephanie. What beautiful stuff.

jo said...

oh, i 100% agree with laura, you have such a beautiful life, ali!

i´m so glad you´ve got the lil' package (and what a lovely photo of it!)!!! i´ve received your package too, yay!

babelfish said...

Great links as always, been swooning over meg's bath photos. Thanks for the link to Stephanie's home peek.

meg said...

cheers for the mention! i don't think i've ever stumbled here before; i'm glad i did! i look forward to reading henceforth. :) megxx