Friday, January 11

printed-canvas totes

I almost bought one of these simple beauties at Old Navy the other day. (It was the sky-like coloring of the top left one that caught my eye.) I'm glad I didn't because now they are on sale for only $10. I could swear there were more styles in the store, but I could be lying.



Jessica said...

I am going to have to go to Old Navy soon, lately there stuff has been really good. nice simple and clean design.

Laura said...

I just saw those today and was so tempted. Didn't buy, but I have a feeling I'll be going back. Reminded me of the bags made from old sails.

KJJ said...

Thats funny I bought the pinkish one last week! It is my perfect "where's the...?" bag!
Kev mentioned that you guys were looking at moving to VA.. For med school right? That would be awesome! We are trying to recruit friends and family to relocate back east! The more the merrier!

Allison said...

Just saw those and posted about them on my blog! Too funny!