Tuesday, February 26

at home with stephen antonakos

This month's Elle Decor offers a glimpse into the home of artist Stephen Antonakos, best known for his works that incorporate neon light. I loved this wall of his lesser-known mixed-media collages with their deep, uniform frames, and also the coffee table with its nice-and-clean display of ephemera and collectibles.

You can see a few of his collages on his website by clicking here, and then following the arrow that points right.

p.s. Sorry for the shoddy scan. It's the best I could do.



shayna said...

oh i loved his home too. i blogged it over here for apartment therapy sf. thanks for the link to the collages. i missed that!



Joslyn said...

love this pic. i'm such a sucker for a good gallery wall.

ali said...

Oh, cool, Shayna! I must do a better job of staying on top of ATSF. Your images look so much better!

Mailarta said...

Hi pleased to find that you had placed a link . . I love this work too and clipped the images from Elle.