Tuesday, February 5

,esther on flickr

Flickr member ,Esther pieces Polaroids together to create larger landscapes: parts that make up a whole. I can't stop looking. Or thinking about how she accomplishes this so perfectly, and how her work more adequately tells a story.

More here.



Joslyn said...

awesome...especially love the bottom one. I'm such a sucker for fair pictures.

ps -- just browsing through your flickr and I LOVE your "new" hair

pss -- used one of your shots on my blog...hope you don't mind


love.boxes said...

so fun! I love that!

Suzanna Mars said...

People's resourcefulness and cleverness never ceases to amaze me. Especially when they have visual/mathematical brains!

These have a quality like vintage postcards that I really like.

Robin said...

These are great, thanks for sharing!
I love how on the JFK memorial one, the top photo is just sky. Such a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Ali, have you spied Jen's blog? It's right up your alley.


Babelfish said...

Love the clever use of polaroids.