Friday, February 1

making me happy

01. Spying my banner in the sidebar at Bloesom. Hurrah! Et merci.
02. If it's going to be winter, it might as well snow. And that's all it does here.
03. Me and a few friends at the Beehive Tea Room.
03. Making new blog friends.
04. Googling "Chuck Norris." Ha! Via BB Blog.
05. Printable valentine candybar wraps from Creature Comforts. Via Design is Mine.
06. Three words: Hoss Intropia catalog. Via Ill seen, Ill Said.
07. Two words: Peter Callesen. Via Knitsquirrel.
08. All-wheel drive. Allelujah!
08. More Zooey. (Thanks for the intro, Jo.)
09. 20 downloadable pages of lovely new e-zine by Design for Mankind.
10 Enjoying Liz' hot chocolate with my mom and sisters. Way better than the cheap kind.
11. Hanging out with Nicole this morning, and seeing her in her element.

Welcome to February! And have a happy weekend.
xo. ali



Sarah said...

Ooh yes I really like Hoss Intropia.
Have a lovely weekend Ali. BTW, I meant to tell you that Bon Jovi were brilliant. Love that Jon man.
Next gig - Wilco!

MissK said...

Have a great weekend.
I found the most beautiful tea room on my recent trip to Melbourne,i could have sat there the whole day.

JESS said...

Love love love this post. Have a fabulous weekend...

nicole hill said...

thank you so much, ali.. i owe you lots.

Imelda Matt said...

missk every cafe in Melbourne is a little slice of heaven...I'm miss them all.

Ali as an avid photographer, may I ask if these images were taken by you?

Have a great weekend

lauracrow said...

your happy things are making me happy, too! have a lovely weekend, ali! enjoy the snow!!

Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad you're loving Hoss Intropia.

read me... said...

Love this post fabulous list & links. Thanks Ali!