Friday, February 8

making me happy

(image by yours truly)

01. All the supportive, kind, informative comments around here.
02. Enjoying Blog o' the Week sweetness at Creature Comforts.
03. Keita Kawasaki's website. Via ATNY.
04. Penguin book recommendation from Dulci.
05. Heart- and love-inspired photos at Fortysixth at Grace.
06. Lovely name, lovely collages. Via Bluelines.
07. Print your own MacBook Air. (Hehe.) Via d.Sharp Journal.
08. A mound---no, mountain---of cookies in my kitchen.
09. Typeface made out of post-its. Via SwissMiss.
10. Wreaths by Haru. Via Happy Cavalier.
11. Peeking into Lena's home. I love her couch. I want her couch.
12. I won a fantastic surprise prize from Laura.
13. Love this wrapping job, and I'm sure I would love the words too.
14. Ms. Spinach went to fashion blogger heaven.
15. Having Lost back.
16. The days are getting longer!
17. The sun is out today!

May we all sleep like Letter B. Happy weekend. Thanks for stopping by.



alyson. said...

mmm, a mountain of cookies? I wish I had a mountain of cookies.

happy weekend!

Kami said...

I love your friday tradition.
Congrats on being a winner.

We sleep like letter G (boring), maybe if we had pink sheets, we would sleep like letter B. ;)

veeda said...

I love the longer days too.

lauracrow said...

i mailed out your valentine goodies this morning, ali! so be on the lookout. have a great weekend!

Imelda Matt said...

Ah yes the sun...I’m glad it’s shining some where in the world!

Dansie Family said...

i have a love-hate relationship with Lost. I am hooked, but still no more than I did after the first episode. oh well i'll be back for more on thursday.

pia said...

beautiful selection of loves! and a great way to kick off the weekend, enjoy the rest of it!

pia said...

PS I love this photo of yours, i found myself looking for a little wandering heart in there!

love.boxes said...

The last 2 are my very favorites! Hooray!

.caroline armelle. said...

ali... you are rockin' the photo world lately.. i'm so proud!