Friday, February 29

making me happy

(Image by yours truly. I want to start a collection of spectacles.)

01. I love that so many of us love them.
02. Love lovely Lyell. Via Frolic.
03. So this is what Lena was up to!
04. Tables that look like oversize buttons. Via Bloesem.
05. Best college fashion portfolio. Via Crust Station.
06. These bridal fashion show arrangements.
07. This art-turned-fashion post was delightful + insightful.
08. Parisian before-and-afters.
09. More collections to admire.
10. Spying one of my photos on her blog. Am so flattered. #38.
11. Permanent Vacations. Yes, please. Via A Cup of Jo.
12. Staying up way too late, watching Seamless. Loving Libertine; Doo.Ri.
13. A surprise discount from a favorite former employer.
14. It feels like spring; yesterday and today. I want to take a walk in the sun.

So many good things in the blog world lately. It's hard to keep up with what everyone is up to and finding and loving and knowing. These are just a few that spoke to me.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.

xo. ali



alyson. said...

and #28!

happy friday!

jamieanne said...

Ditto Alyson. Doi.

Joanna Goddard said...

love these. have a nice weekend!

Amanda Conley said...

I love those reading glasses! I saw some like that with the cool stripedy cases last week out shopping and I wished that I needed reading glasses. Maybe I do need reading glasses. But I already have glasses and contacts. Do people wear reading glasses with contacts? If they If they don't...well...maybe I'll be the first:)
sorry for the ramble.

Bree said...

what a great photo!

katrina said...

hello! i just discovered your blog and have been reading it all day long. very lovely.
i hope you do not mind if i link you in my blog.