Tuesday, February 19

montauk tote

To buy or not to buy, that is the question ... and now it's on sale for $69. It will even come all covered up like this. Might be a good pick for an East Coast summer.



Katie said...

I love it! Get the fancy purse!

When are you moving to D.C.? Brian and Jake might be taking a boys trip this summer for Jake's gradution, like Briana and I did last year. I'll be in charge of planning it - so I'll be on the hunt for tips :)

JanelleGrace said...

It's cute and that is a good price. It would fit a lot of things. (My deciding factor for purses is whether or not it will fit a book and my little notebook/sketchbook.)

Adam • Muranda • Ashton said...

that is a very good question....especially since you just made me want to buy it! I am a sucker for bags that swallow all of my crap.

Chelsea said...

So cute. Buy it!

erica said...

love that rope and leather handle! it's a great price, and perfect for lazy summer days.

layersofmeaning said...

i have a love/hate relationship with their sale section!
everytime i check it i find something a love! and i then i think should i?!!!!!!

maggienikole said...

so what was the decision?
we had them at my friend's shop last spring.

for me i always try to think, would i buy it at full price. if not, i don't get it and i save it for something i am in love with! that's my two cents if you're curious.
hope all is well!


tessa said...

this is why i miss east coast summers. a bag like this is so lovely, yet kind of out of place in California cities. alas.