Wednesday, February 27

need new shoes

I need new shoes and I've initiated a no-flats rule for myself. I'm five feet tall, afterall. Once spring comes, I'd be happy stepping into any of these from Office.

Left to right:
Wyoming T-bar.
Moira Mary Jane.
Timorous T-bar.



platinum blonde said...

i like the pink ones, but i LOVe the yellow striped t-straps! TDF!

Kelly said...

my vote is for the yellow/purple/brown t-straps. i LOVE a good t-strap and these are adorable!!

jamieanne said...

I love those Timorous T-Bars!

Sara Christine said...

I lust for Kate Spade's "Katie" Maryjanes. I'm 5'11" so the 3" heel would make me look like an Amazon woman, but they're just so ridiculously cute. Love those t-straps too!

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, I need to institute this no flats rule for myself. And what amazing alternatives.