Friday, March 7

photography makes me happy

(photo by Shannon Fagan)

I keep a little document of photographers I like. Today, as I tidied up my office, I found about fifteen Post-It notes with photographer's names scrawled on them. (I always forget the who/what/why so when I google their names I get to re-experience the initial awe; I love that part.) As I updated my document, I thought, why not update you, too?

Here are a few of my favorites. Apparently, I really like feminine subject matter.

23. Frank Visser. (styling)
25 spoonfuls of inspiration for the weekend. I'll save the Flickr faves for next time. You'll probably be on my list.

xo. ali



alyson. said...

ali, I just went through every one of these. and I am in love. I'm so glad you posted this. it gave me something to do while feeling like poo on a friday night.
I must say though, I loved these:
shannon fagan - just about everything
julia fullerton-batten - girl with the fish bowl
nicholas lorden - oh that use of light
frank visser - ijm is incredible
anna wolf - yes, her work is gorgeous and so real.
thank you so much for sharing!!

p.s. I too like female subject matter. girls are just prettier to look at than boys. :)

Sarah said...

I love this Shannon Fagan photo you posted. It's exactly what I used to do when I was a kid!
Happy weekend Ali x

maggienikole said...

maybe you've already seen this but in case you haven't, i thought i'd share.
happy sunday.

Robin said...

Ha ha, I like photos of gals too, maybe it's because we identify.
Thanks for sharing this, I looked through a few but will spend more time checking out the rest!

Brooke Romney said...

I swear that picture could be of me, but I was under the covers (like my parents couldn't see the flashlight through the covers!!)

Sarah said...

Ali I just posted about photographer Zena Holloway. Her photos are gorgeous. You should check it out.

kellyr said...

Ali, I really love rittaikonen. Her site is beautiful too. I think you'd like Robin Schwartz. She photographs her beautiful little girl with/and animals.

Joanna Goddard said...

what a great list!

One Love Photo said...

Photography make me a happy girl as well! Thanks for the links this will provide HOURS of entertainment and inspiration to me! Since I work on my own, this is how I keep myself excited and in the "loop".

nicole hill said...

awesome list. thanks. see you tonight. said...

Wow. This photo totally brings me back. When I was little I used to be "sneaky" and stay up late reading American Girl books under the covers w/ a flash light. :)

babelfish said...

I love this photograph, so many great links to explore. Thank you!

Rachel said...

Definitely some great spoonfuls. Thanks.

.girl ferment. said...

Oh I am going to have to set aside an hour to go through all of these. thank you, what a nice idea. lovely blog. I love feminine photographs too and you should have a look at, an australian photographer.