Monday, March 3

small no. 5 + steve visneau

The crush I have on Small magazine is anything but mini. Right now, I'm loving photography by Steve Visneau for the "Spring is in the Air" photospread.

p.s. Check out ONEiTY's red sateen dress on page 42. Right now it's a steal at $15.



One Love Photo said...

Oh that is TOO sweet! That is the kind of publication I have been wanted to contribute to for years....hmmmmmm. I can tell that visiting your blog is going to lead to lots of delightful distraction!

alyson. said...

ooo, I almost forgot I was going to go back and look through this while at work! our internet was running so slow when I got the email this morning that it took 5 mins to upload each page.

{I too love all things small}
{did you get the funny email from the auburn and ivory about us being feature bloggers together? too funny}

Joslyn said...

oooh i didn't even see that red dress. thanks...i hit their site and am smitten with the little Parisian skirt too.

Ann Marie said...

Love this photo! Why is it that I always connect chain-linked fenced to childhood? This is perfect.

platinum blonde said...

love that photo...just sweet and wonderful!