Monday, April 21

l'affiche moderne

Melanie (with a pretty accent over the first 'e') wrote me about her new-ish French art e-shop, L'Affiche Moderne, where you'll find limited-edition prints from budding photographers and illustrators.

I had so much fun perusing the site; the photography is spectacular. Here are some new-to-me talents whose works I am loving:

cyril auvity
julie chamton
benoit debuisser
franck juery
jean-christophe sartoris

*above images by cyril auvity



ambika said...

I adore these images. The dangling As are so intriguing. Have to check these out.

Jessica said...

Cool find! Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...


d.Sharp said...

These look lovely, great find. Thanks for the post!