Wednesday, April 2

le tour

I wish I knew how to pair this video with this song. (I think that's how it goes in the film.) There's something magical about the part where the horse jumps the fence.

I wish I knew where to find all the old film clips in Amelie, but I think most of them are stock: the acrobat with his dog, the man who dances and sing something like "Run, Callie, run!" They seem to say something about the human spirit, and yet one of them features a horse. So maybe it's animal spirit, or just the beauty of the unexpected and unusual. Or simply doing what you were born to do, whatever it is.



Jonathan Canlas said..., i've been really nervous about my upcoming wedding in france. its in a town 50 miles outside of paris. i'll be there a total of 4 days of which 1 day is the wedding itself. i know nothing of france. and i find it a bit intimidating. but now, thanks to your amilie reminder, i know exactly what i am going to do. i'm going straight to montmartre and going to burn through a ton of film. a ton. i can't wait.

Uncle Beefy said...

(jonathan...many congratulations and best wishes!)

Ali...absolument! What a great pairing that would be. Very heart-lifting it would be and magically freeing.

Me thinks Beefy loves Ali. You know in that "you're super great" kinda way...not steppin' on Curtis' toes here...y'know? Okay...I'll shut up ;)

Laura said...

I love this Amelie week--especially with Audrey Tatou's new movie coming out. Though I doubt *Priceless* will be nearly as charming.

Also, you're moving to DC, right? I'm a total blogosphere stranger, but if you want any takes on wards, neighborhoods, etc, I'd be happy to help!

Subway Love said...

I love this video! This is the first thing I thought of when you started postig things from Amelie. I hoped you would post this one.

I think you're right, it says something about a living creature doing what it was born to do.

nadia said...

I love the scene with horse....something so powerful about it. I think the pairing of the music would be fantastic, perhaps I can give it a try and send it to you!

La Belette Rouge said...

To me the message of the videos is all about not being stopped by obstacles--and to have the courage to follow your spirit. Amelie want the glass man to break free because his fragility is symbolic of her emotional fragility. It is a powerful seen.
And, I love the symbolism of all the cameras. Amelie took photos as a child after the loss of Blubber. The glass man has a video camera that allows him to see the world. And, then there is the photo-booth--which is a public camera--and this is the place where Amelie finds love.

Jessica said...

I love the Amelie theme. I directed my mom to your site. It makes me so happy!

And this video makes me cry like a baby. I suppose it's because of how free he must be feeling.

Fraser Chapman said...

"the man who dances and sing something like "Run, Callie, run!" - is an excerpt from "Born For Hard Luck", a 1976 film by Tom Davenport, which is a portrait of Arthur "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson, a black harmonica player, singer, and comedian.