Friday, May 30

kid stuff

For the last two weeks, a handsome little two-year-old has taken over my life. Things are much more exciting and colorful, as this photo of a typical living room scene proves.



Ann Marie said...

Great photo! I can see Max intense while he plays here.

lane said...

You are killing me! Are you ever going to post any pictures of the actual two-year old?

Also, I see another little beloved monster in the background of this shot.

Robin said...

I've gotten to spend time with my nephew lately, too. He's 1.
All eyes are on him when he's around.

.girl ferment. said...

aren't little wooden train sets wonderful? i love all the ancillaries, like the trees and lights and traffic signs.

Ashley A. said...

I spy "Tamous" behind that choo-choo.