Thursday, May 15

nyc with lane

My writerly sis Lane lives in New York City but has a Western heart. She couldn't shake it if she tried. Actually, she does try. (Two years there have now turned into four.) Late at night, I like to re-read the thoughts she posts on her blog. In her West-meets-East way, she quips about perfect spring days and heinous winters, breakfasts of butter and sugar, unicorns on the subway and almost-physical battles with Manhattan's Postal Service workers.

Usually, I read her words in their entirety and walk away feeling refreshed, reinvented, amused, pensive or smarter. If you've ever moved to the city or thought about moving to the city or visited the city, or simply missed home, I think you'll like these:

Sun Day
Field Trippin'
Back ... Home?
Me vs. USPS
Spooks Night Out
Sunset Over the Water

"It is quite possible to be less-than-rich and have a perfect Saturday in New York. In fact, it is quite possible that sometimes the less-than rich have the most perfect New York days." -- Lane



love.boxes said...

I have always had a secret yearning to trade my western life for the non-stop lifestyle of NYC! I think I should read about the good, bad and the ugly first to make sure. I think I will love Lane's blog!

Ann Marie said...

Love Lane's blog! You Anderson girls are all just so lovely in your own way. Reading your post, and Lane's most recent is making me homesick for all of you. The Whittakers need your womanhood!

JanelleGrace said...

I'm going to keep track of that blog as I am a west coast native living in New York.

And I had the perfect way-less-than-rich New York day yesterday.

lane said...

Oh Ali! You are so sweet to me. Thank you for thinking of me--you know my little western heart is homesick right now :)

Jeremy said...

Ali-thanks for sharing the talented, amusing and expressive writing of Lane. I more than enjoyed reading some of those!

Marci & Daniel said...

I'll admit it...I have been reading your sisters blog for some time now. Her writing is beautiful and rings a cord w/ my nyc-harlem-ups-columbia experiences.

angie said...

i love that you quoted lane - she is wonderful!

liz s said...

miss new york!

Jessie Cacciola said...

i love that quote. fresh blog!
- Jessie -