Tuesday, May 13

simple hoops

Since I wear these earrings at least three times a week (and even more now that my hair is super short. And when I say super, I mean super-dee-duper), I often get compliments on them and inquiries as to where such lovelies were purchased.

They're aptly named Simple Hoops and made by this nice girl. I love them. The most. Even more because they were a gift.



love.boxes said...

pretty. :)

JanelleGrace said...

I am paranoid about my ears and refuse to wear long earrings. But those are cute.

My earrings are simple diamonds in the shape of a flower that my boyfriend got me for our first Christmas. He got the flower shaped ones because I love flowers and would always paint them.

Whitney Tanner said...

I have super-dee-duper short hair too! I'll have to pick some up!

Jessica said...

Ali, thanks so much for the mention!

babelfish said...

So simple and elegant.