Monday, June 30

back to blogging (and where i've been)



Kansas or Oklahoma

This summer has already been an adventurous one. Aside from moving out of my comfy condo and into my mom's also-comfy basement (which unfortunately lacks office space), I've been to and through these states, many of which were on-a-whim:

01. Washington, D.C. (not really a state)
02. Virginia (basically Washington, D.C.)
03. Missouri
04. Kansas
05. Oklahoma
06. Idaho (say yes to Sun Valley)
07. Utah (Midway, most recently ... and home in SLC)

I think what I'm most fascinated with is how the color of the sky changes in these SOOC shots, even within 100 miles. Granted, some of these were taken from behind the passenger seat glass.

Anyway, I hope I'm back to blogging now. I've missed it here. But I can't make any promises. I'm set to move the first week of August and don't really have a plan yet. Wish us luck.



natalie blair said...

best of luck to you both! i hope that everything goes smoothly with the move! ... and i am so glad that you are back!

Sarah said...

You've been missed!

katrina said...

such pretty landscapes

aimee heff said...

America through your eyes is very beautiful. We've all missed you around. Good luck with the move.

jess @ lost button studio said...

Good luck on your moving adventure!

Jane Flanagan said...

Good luck with the move. You've been missed but take your time and do what you need to. We'll be here when you come back!

Joslyn said...

i hope you're back've been missed. big time!

Ann Marie said...

So did you and Curt find a place? I'm excited for the both of of luck!

We're sad because we'll be missing you...we'll be in SLC Aug 1-10. Boo.

Uncle Beefy said...

Hey Ali, no worries! Like Jane said...we'll still be here :)

lane said...

That pic of OK turned out awesome! Thank you so much for being my travel companion--couldn't ask for better. You're the best navigator, patient listener, and history nerd that a history nerd could ask for.


Lorilee said...

nice to know your back in pam's basement safe and sound. i've always wanted to drive across the country....what a cool experience---especially when you're in the company of curtis. I'm sure you had a great time.
it's been way too long since we talked.

erika said...

been wonderin' 'bout you. loved these pictures (and the enveolopes in the next post).
welcome back!

amy said...

how pretty

The Lil Bee said...

These photos are lovely. They bring me back three years to my cross-country trip with my husband (then my boyfriend of just five months) and the incredible adventure we had. It's amazing how you can go for miles and see nothing but corn fields or clouds and grass, and still be so completely inspired, isn't it?!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer:)

Sarah said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday when I was searching for Eric Carle images - but I decided to comment on this post because I really like it. I like your blog a lot and I am going to keep reading it!