Tuesday, July 1

a friendly call

Whilst in the National Gallery in D.C., I zoned in on this painting by William Merritt Chase (who later taught Georgia O'Keefe and Edward Hopper). I was startled by the haphazard organization of the room: the stacks of paintings with the vast mirror crammed between; the Asian influence in the silk pillows and wall hanging; the almost-unfitting title---it's called "A Friendly Call" but the guest doesn't look quite comfortable with that hat still on and parasol in-hand.

I was inspired by the messiness and mix-iness of it all. I always judge a room on whether or not I would like to be in it, rather than looking at it. I think I would like to be in this one. Except I'd prefer to be in a pair of sweats rather than one of those dresses.



Meander said...

I'm with you on this one - I could TOTALLY live in this room. . .the messiness intruiges me!
Lovely blog!

molly said...

lots of rooms "in the old days" used to be crammed in like this: especially the walls. i love the idea of creating that again..