Friday, September 26

fish's eddy

How come no one ever told me about Fish's Eddy? If you don't know what to get your Brooklyn-dwelling friend after a week on her couch, consider the melamine Brooklyn Tray. If she's a Manhattan gal, try something from the 212 New York Skyline collection.

Me? I like the carnival stuff. And the Pantone collection. And a mug decorated like graph paper. Just browse dinnerware and you'll see.



lane said...

Dare I say this is inspired by gracious home?? That place has something for everyone. Even Britton!

Wish you were here to shop with me this weekend, too.

ali said...

How did you know? You are wise as well as beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Fish's Eddy is the coolest place ever. I always feel like Im going to make one false move and everything is going to topple over and I will be globally hated....

I found your blog googling love actually on google images...I really like it. I'd love it if you checked mine out..I actually have two, one is regular another is fashion. The link to it is on my first blog.

Anonymous said...