Saturday, September 6

i'm sorry if

a) you sent me an e-mail in the last month or so that I have yet to respond to
b) you tagged me on your blog and I haven't followed up
c) you said something nice about me and I didn't even notice
d) I haven't left a single solitary comment on your blog in two months
e) your call still hasn't been returned
f) you got stuck outside when it was raining cats and dogs today

I'm having a hard time keeping my head on straight. I hope we can still be friends, despite my forgetfulness.

(And if you said something bad about me, shame on you.)

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P said...

Awww. That note - and your post - are cute as a button.

nicole hill said...

i'm sorry if...

i forgot if you've moved yet.
maybe it's written on your blog you don't update as much as i'd like. :)

if you are still around, let's get together.

Sarah said...

Oh I have missed you!

Tiffany said...

I think moving across the country grants you all sorts of forgiveness for those types of things. :)

I hope you're getting settled in your new digs!

Tonia Conger said...

I'm sorry about the same thing Nicole is. Did you move? Are you happily living in DC yet? With all the changes you are living apologies are necessary.

babelfish said...

ditto on several items on the list, I often get into these situations...sometimes life just gets in the way :P don't be too hard on yourself.

Jane Flanagan said...

you're dead to me.

just kidding... you're putting your energy where it needs to be. I miss your comments, but I'm happier now you're posting again :)

I've done the big move (more than once) and know too well how head-wrecking it can be