Tuesday, September 9

swiss art

One trip to Switzerland and you understand why universities are always shipping their graphic design students over there. I can't wait to get these lil' postcards arranged and hung ... once all the boxes are unpacked. Picking my favorites was difficult; we went with a combo of the ones we liked best visually, and the ones that would remind us of the places we visited.

Most of these can be viewed at Zurich's Museum of Design. Yes, please, to the museum shop.

p.s. "Davos" by Donald Brun is my favorite.



Tiffany said...

Those are amazing. I love the idea of hanging them.

Chris said...

I really love that style. I have a calendar with a similar style by Johanna Kriesel called The Golden Age of Travel. I would love to get a poster like this and frame it.

babelfish said...

All so beautiful, swiss style is best!