Monday, October 13

film is not dead

Gimme three weeks, and my prego body will be boarding a plane bound for Oahu where I'll meet up with Mom, two sistas + nephew, and Jonathan Canlas and the rest of the Film is Not Dead crew.

I just bought my budget camera. Eek! I'm getting excited. (But not about squeezing into a swimsuit.)

Image by Gochie



The Lil Bee said...

How exciting!! I just got back from Oahu with my mom. Loved it:)

Jane Flanagan said...

Lovely trip! I'm sure you're glowing and will look beautiful regardless of the swimsuit issue!

Andi said...

No fair! Hawaii is the best! I can't believe you're going with Jonathan. He took our wedding/engagement/bridals! I absolutely LOVE his work. He's definitely the best in Utah. I was so lucky to get him for our wedding. Tell him hi for us and have fun!

Lorilee said...

let me know if you decide to hop on over to the big island. I'll be at the airport waiting for you!

liz stanley said...

ooooh! so jealous!!!!

Ann Marie said...

I too am jealous. I'll be excited to see what you shoot.

.caroline armelle. said...

what? no fair. i'd LOVE to do that!
have fun!
and please ask him what he says to people to get them to do these wonderful natural smiles for him..

Anonymous said...