Saturday, October 11

making me happy (for the last few weeks)

Dreamy photo by Daytrip

01. Sister finally blogged again. And it was a good one.
02. Ann brings me back to reality.
03. Emily now blogs regularly.
04. Nicole's grandpa.
05. Lacey got new glasses.
06. Yay for Polaroid! See here.
07. Finally sharing this news.
08. And also this news.
09. Then getting so many nice e-mails/texts/calls/comments that it became difficult to reply.
10. Kitchen chairs? check
11. Kitchen table? check
12. Floor lamp? check
13. Bed frame? check
14. Etagere? check (but not as cool as it sounds)
15. Madonna is Hung Up on Grey Gardens.
16. Liz is expert thrift shopper.
17. Rachel's ballerina roundup, and a revived crush on KoK.


18. I just blogged for almost seven days straight. Except yesterday.
19. Some of you still read my blog. Thank you.

Now, if I could just get around to updating my Flickr account....



m l e said...

so glad you're back! and thanks for the shout out!

laceyJ. said...

I've missed your lists! I can't wait to see your Flickr pics.

Hope you're having a nice Saturday!

babelfish said...

A beautiful image and wonderful list, love them!

xhris said...

thought this is nice. greetings from shanghai

marie s. l. said...

Hi! I love your blog, so I added you to my blog roll!

notebook doodles said...

deep down i always knew that polaroid will never end its film productions =)

nicole hill said...

oooh thanks for that!

i love that photo you posted. it's beautiful.

lane said...

That photo looks a little like you :)

Ann Marie said...

So flattered for the link! Am so glad to be able to check your blog regularly again. It's always so pretty and inspiring!

marta said...

have completely missed you.
hope you enjoy oahu.

molly said...

i think i'll make a list like this.
things that i'm happy about. it makes you stop and think.
good one.

Anonymous said...