Sunday, October 5

mosaic of moi

1. ali, 2. corners of my home: a bedroom peek, 3. Brighton High School, Utah, 4. Crocheted copper wire cuff with green milk glass beads., 5. Paul Newman muere a los 83 aƱos, 6. Project 365: #33, 7. Bibery, the Cotswalds 1997, 8. US map cake, 9. still in love with you~, 10. Family at Independence Mall, 11. Mid-Century La Petite Swedish Matches 2, 12. Ali Love Vincent Brain

Fun game courtesy of E and L at The Scoop. (Via Somewhere in Middle America via Wonderful One Times One.) It's a mosaic of Ali-ish things made up of Flickr photos.

First, you answer these twelve questions. My answers are in parentheses.

01. What is your first name? (Ali)
02. What is your favorite food? (limes)
03. What high school did you attend? (Brighton High School)
04. What is your favorite color? (milk glass green)
05. Who is your celebrity crush? (Paul Newman)
06. Favorite drink? (San Pellegrino Limonata)
07. Dream vacation? (Cotswalds)
08. Favorite dessert? (cake)
09. What do you want to be when you grow up? (still in love)
10. What do you love most in life? (family)
11. One word to describe you (petite)
12. Your Flickr name (Ali Loves)

Then you build a mosaic by typing your answers one by one into Flickr's search function. You choose one photo for each of your answers, and you can only use images that appear on the first page of search results. Get the details here.

Thanks for the fun, Emily!



::{J}:: said...

These are fun! I should seriously think of doing one myself...just curious what it would look like!

allison said...

:) I love that you put limes as your favorite food and Paul Newman as your celeb crush.. who knew? but my favorite was (still in love) - you're too cute, and genius!

Jane Flanagan said...

This is a gorgeous one! I love Limonata too :)

Kos said...

I fellow Utahn. I went to Bingham several years ago. I like your blog!

Cheryl said...

I love this photo mosaic! I'm just sad that I live in the UAE right now and they ban Flickr - what a major bummer! I am very much enjoying your blog! :) Congrats on your little boy!

bronwyn said...

I totally want to make one too! Love that milk glass green is your favorite color. Fun!