Thursday, November 6

hang loose

I accidentally forgot to blog because I've been too busy:

01. putting film in my camera
02. processing information
03. processing more information
04. eating really good food (why not gain more weight?)
05. hanging out with my fav nephew
06. hanging out with my sisters & mom at tb
07. battling bladder issues
08. swimming and beach-combing
09. watching big ol' waves
10. other various forms of hanging loose



liz stanley said...

so jealous. we were gonna go. then we bailed. would have been fun. say hi to jordan/paul ferney and seth/kendra smoot.

marcie and bromley busath said...

i truly could not be more envious of you. from what i hear, pam knows how to take care of her own and you are in my favorite place on earth. tell jamie that we miss her dearly and that she had better bring me back some shave ice from matsumoto's. she's smart, she'll figure it out. ALOHA!

I'm A said...

Jealous! Can't wait to see your photographs.

Jane Flanagan said...

Hope you're having a ball and win the battle with your bladder ;)

Ryanne said...

Hanging loose sounds wonderful right now, so thank god its friday! Ill most definately be sleeping in this chilly weekend, that has S N O W !

brooke romney said...

Lucky you! Hope you are feeling great.

Lorilee said...

i love finally having somebody in my same time zone.
hope the weather is nice for you guys.
hang ten.

Joanna Goddard said...

hanging loose, awesome!!

Dansie Family said...

how sad life is so busy. wish mine was that busy.

Anonymous said...


babelfish said...

Eating good food, hanging out at the beach - who'd want to blog?