Tuesday, December 2

rooms for rent

Earlier this year I was invited for a short stay in one of the most charming, uniquely-decorated homes I've ever stepped foot in. (I should have taken more pictures.) We needed to leave a gift for our absent hostess and this John Derian mini tray, spotted at an adorable shop in Sun Valley, did the job perfectly.

Also available at Collier West.



lane said...

Cute tray. Where was the house? Now I am curious!

Sarah said...

Oh I just saw these in a shop in town and they were so lovely. I want one. But they were $180 NZ dollars which at the mo is about $100 US dollars. It stayed in the shop. I'm thinking you give really good thank you presents!

ali said...

Yes, they are a quite pricey but I also consider them to be little pieces of art. We got ours for $80 US dollars, and a few of us pitched in for the gift, so it wasn't out of the budget. :)