Tuesday, January 20

happy inauguration day

I'm excited about today's events, even if the Hollywood hoopla is starting to get to me. If I wasn't 8.5-months pregnant, I'd hop on my imaginary bike and take the mall by storm in my puffy coat and face mask. Instead, I've decided I'm best off lying low and taking in all historical events from my comfy couch thanks to swollen feet, the regularity of irregular contractions (false labor?), pelvic pain, and a nasty cold to top it off---when all the action is only a couple miles away. I keep reminding myself that this is a good decision. Never has stepping out into the frigid cold been so tempting. But I'm staying put ... for now.

In the meantime, here's to new beginnings! I'm feeling hopeful today. I hope you are too. I want Obama to knock my socks off.

Above: "Flag" by Jasper Johns



Lorilee said...

i don't think even the puffiest of puffy coats and the coolest of cool bikes could get me to stand outside in that frigid cold for any historical event.
stay put on that couch missy.

Sarah said...

Yay, I'm excited for Obama too.
Yes I think staying put in the comfort of your home sounds a good idea for you missy! By the way, please can you email me your address so I can send baby a little something :)

Min morfars hus said...

I just want to say congatulation with the inuaguration day to you.
Even if we are far from USA up north in Norway,we feel the hope for a new beginning.Like almost all of the norwegian people I will watch TV today and feel happy for you at this special moment.

Best wishes from
Gunn from Norway

laceyJ. said...

I bet there's such a buzz in the air in your neighborhood. How exciting! But, you take care of yourself and baby... I think you made a good decision!

Krista said...

Here's to a better America for all of us but, especially your little one.

Ticky & Mimi said...

How cool that you are in the middle of all the action! I love reading your blog. Hope your remaining pregnancy is easy...

lane said...

Oh boo! I wanted to be there so badly. I was feeling left out only a few hours away and missing everything! Plus I would've had a fun visit and a place to stay :) I can't believe they held the first day of school on inauguration day. boo.