Tuesday, November 24

eastern market

Visit Eastern Market on a weekday, when breakfast is almost over, and you will have an entirely different (read: non-touristy) experience. You will also wish you had Biggie (your DSLR that you are too lazy to carry around) with you. Instead you will rely on Smalls (your new point-and-shoot that makes things easy) and think he did a pretty good job, considering you had a nine-month-old in your arms.

eastern market 3
eastern market 2
eastern market 4
eastern market 5
eastern market 1
eastern market 6



Olivia Carter said...

I miss Eastern Market. I'd take it anyway I can get it these days, but I love these pictures. Perfectly captures the whole experience there.

nadia shea said...

the amazing food is so cheap! DC never looked so appealing.

Sarah said...

I love the Eastern Market! I have been twice, but I don't remember if it was a weekend or weekday because I was on vacation (being a tourist) both times. These are great pictures.

Same New Story said...

i could go for one of those cupcakes right about now. who cares if it's 6:32am. great pictures!

sara b said...

It reminds me of my Reading Terminal Market here in Philly.

Is there anything better than a really great market?

Looks like you had the whole place to yourself.
Great pics....with or without the nine month old. :)

jones said...

sigh. i love eastern market.

destined to design said...

oh my, this place looks like heaven! wow. i would love to visit someday.

A Taste of T said...

Why do cupcakes always look so tasty in photos (and life)?

lane said...

Wow--I can't believe you took those with the point and shoot! #2 is extra amazing. You have a great eye.

Martha said...

thanks for reminding me of this place. i have been trying to figure out forever what it was called. i had the best blueberry buckwheat pancakes there about 5 years ago and have been dying to go back ever since.

Sam [good mum hunting] said...

WOW, this place looks amazing.

Will have to put this on my 'to do' list.

Great pics too.