Wednesday, December 9

a little help, please

As you can tell from this post, when I resize my images in Photoshop, they're coming out all pixelated, all of a sudden. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

Thank you for your help. We appreciate it.

xo. ali



allison said...

how are you resizing them? If you are making the image size bigger, it stretches the image making it pixilated. But you probably already know that?

hannah said...

Are they only pixilated after you load them to blogger? If so, try saving them as a .png.

If they are blurry in photoshop as well, there could be a few other things wrong.

gabrielle said...

did the resolution change as you resize?

sara b said...

I had this same problem for quite a while. Tried a lot of things and still wasn't satisfied.

Do your images look fine on your screen/in photoshop, but not on blogger? Or do they look bad in photoshop too?

Mine looked nice and sharp and vibrant in photoshop and on my screen. But once I uploaded them to blogger their quality decreased significantly.

I asked around and a few people suggested using Photo Bucket. I finally started uploading just the images I use on my blog to Photo Bucket. For some reason images on blogger from Photo Bucket are nice a clear and crisp.... Photo Bucket and Blogger make a good combo.

Hope this helps.

Brad K. said...

Hey Ali, its Brad. Are you doing a save for web? If so check your jpg quality settings. If its not that email me and we can get through this.

The Little Big House said...

Are you using photoshop' 'save for web' option?
located under file> Save For Web

Its a great feature that Photoshop has that lets you save the image optimized for the web (you can even resize in the image size in the panel located on the right hand side).

handy tutorial here:

hope it helps!

Stephanie said...

I am often unhappy with the way my images appear on Blogger, too! They look perfect in Photoshop, but then it seems like Blogger lowers the quality. They become pixelated and the saturation is decreased.

I think I will try the Photobucket trick. Thanks Sara B!