Wednesday, November 24

headin' south


Pretty soon, we'll be packing up and moving to the Capital of the Commonwealth (and the Confederacy): Richmond, Virginia. Anyone know anyone who might want to be my friend? Or Oscar's? Or know where we should live? Or eat?

In the meantime, I'll be devouring Grace's Richmond guide. Here goes nothin'!



jessica said...

CanCan (for dinner or european breakfast during the week until 11am)

millies diner for breakfast (not a diner at all) more like HEAVEN (try the eggs benny)

kuba kuba for dinner (of lunch, i think) everything is fantastic. Make sure you try the tres leche cake in vanilla AND chocolate

Captain buzzie's in chruch hill is a great place for coffee

Cary town is over rated try the fan

and the VMFA is our art museum, its wonderful, free and filled with things to take in.

have a great trip and welcome to RVA..


ali said...

Jessica, you are the bomb. Thank you! We're getting excited.

Ana Degenaar said...

So fun! Enjoy it girl!

raena said...

yay RVA! i live there half-time. well, i live in DC, but work in richmond, so i'm there during the week. i have a work apartment there and stay monday thru thursday, so i feel i can say i'm truly there half-time.

i've lived in the fan, it was ok. a little sketchy at times, plus i lived near some train tracks. mistake. i know lots of people who live out in the Short Pump area, but it's completely devoid of character and is very commercial. i now live sort of near the fan, but in a nicer area off of monument ave and strawberry st. it's really nice and there are some great things within walking distance.

kuba kuba, as already recommended, is pretty great. akida japanese is a great little sushi spot. bottoms up pizza is great for . . well, pizza.

and well hi! i'm raena, and i've never actually posted here before but j'adore your blog.

brittani c. said...

Oh this makes me sad that I didn't end up moving to Virginia! I loved it there (especially Charlottesville). Congrats and good luck with the move!

p.s. Correction: You do NOT look twelve.

ryan + carly said...

don't leave me!!! hopefully ry can do a couple months there so we will still have a connection. if not, i'm coming bi-weekly to visit. hope you get a place with a guest room :) congrats, really though. i'm excited for you.

Ellen said...

John and Sherry of the very popular "Young House Love" blog live there. They just sold their first home and are buying their second there right now. They have some Richmond type stuff on their blog... though its mostly about them fixing up their house.

Jane Flanagan said...

Wow - what an exciting move for you!!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

jessica said...

Also, unless your interested in living in a building downtown, i highly recommend the Westover HIlls Neighborhood (partially because it's my hood) and because its beautiful, quiet, still in the city proper, the yards and small and manageable (perfect for a wee one learning to get around) its pretty safe. and our schools are pretty great (i know this is early but...) its across the river, but really fantastic. (and much quieter than the Fan..

The p of p said...

hey ,
i live near richmond . i live in reston , i´m only 16 but i have a brother that is 5 and my mom is nice . :)

Kim said...

hooray for Richmond! (and how on earth did I find you thru Marta's blog and we have similar blog names... crazy!!) I have lived in Richmond my entire life, and Jessica has some great recommendations. Some of my faves are Joes Inn, Crossroads Coffee, Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe, Capt. Buzzies. You might just love Church Hill, they have been reviving it and it's lovely.. I posted some pictures from a recent photo trip there, and it overlooks the city and the river). I'd also recommend living in Midlothian, Bon Air or Westover Hills, it's close to the city but minus the crazy taxes and not so perfect public schools. We live in Midlothian, which is about 15 or 20 minutes from the city (I work downtown and we come to the city every weekend) and perfect for raising a little family (me excluded, unless you count my dog). Feel free to email me if you need any more recommendations!!

Lane Anderson said...

Dude. I'm ready to move to Richmond, what with all these nice Richmond peeps on your blog and their tasty-sounding recommendations.

So far, Richmond bodes well for the Smiths.

Besides, remember what Virginia is for: LOVERS!

What more could you want from a new home?

sara b said...

Congrats! How fun for you too look forward to a new city, a new dwelling, and all the change that comes with it. Being one who has moved around quite a bit I am a tad jealous....I Iove discovering a new place.

I know nothing about Richmond, so I'm no help here... but I'm sure you'll be an expert in no time.

All my best to you and yours!

Sara B

Brooke Romney said...

How exciting. Will you be at VCU? If so, I know a gal who lived there and LOVED where she lived. We thought about going there for Mike's school too so I did a little research. Let me know if you want her name and number!

Andi said...

We were really hoping you'd end up with us out West, but we're excited for you nonetheless. We spent a few days in Richmond last March and were impressed with it. I'm sure you'll be happy there.


Carolyn said...

Oh, me me me! I will be your friend! I've lived in Richmond for 6 years now (Native Texan) and I really like it... but it's kinda hard to make friends as an adult. Anywho I'm up for meeting someone new and I know all the places to go! You can email me at I have two sons but they are big boys (11 and 7) ;)