Thursday, December 23

new baby

baby h2

I'm an aunt again! Ashley and Corey welcomed little Baby H into the world on Saturday. He flexed his biceps to let his big brother and sister know he means business.

Welcome to the world, little bug. Everything seems better with you here; in many ways you are just what we needed. I can't wait wait wait to meet you.



steph said...

hooray for ashley! he is such a hunk. those biceps are killing me. i'm still giggling after looking at it. he is beautiful.

are you around? are we getting together sooooon? xoxo

Lane Anderson said...

Hooray! Does anyone else think that picture looks like Max holding baby Max? :)

So happy to have the new addition to the family.

paula said...

very, very cute :)

Ann Marie said...

I didn't even know Ashley was pregnant until I heard she had new baby H...great surprise!