Friday, January 21

hello richmond: myrna's boots 'n' bits

myrna's 2

How I love a good country store. I'm no rodeo queen but these places feel like home to me. (Honey, we're not in Arlington anymore.) This outfit has an eye-popping wall-full of Justins and Luccheses, plus all the fixins for saddles, ropes, stable and tack. Cowboy boots are so awesomely American. And somebody I know wants a pair, real bad.

Myrna's Boots 'n' Bits
1112 Car Mia Way
Richmond, Virginia



Lane Anderson said...

I love this post! Just arrived in Richmond and you're already finding your country roots. Looks like you and Richmond are gonna get along just fine (just keep Curt away from the designer boot rack).

kate lines said...

feels like home to me, too. people are usually suprised when they find out i grew up on a farm... and i'm such a sucker for boots.

Lacey Jane said...

Oh my... Jeff would be in boot heaven here!

Do they have boots for kids?!

Love it.