Monday, January 31

one big eyebrow, please

This weekend we came across these Sesame Street knitted hats and gloves by Delux at a boutique in Charlottesville. We really wanted to get the Oscar the Grouch mittens for our monster, but for various reasons (he wouldn't even let us try them on him, we'd be sure to lose at least one of the $30 gloves, they didn't have his size) they didn't make it home with us.

The eyebrow gets me every time. Like one cranky caterpillar.



Anonymous said...

What is it with kids not wanting to wear gloves and hats that triple their adorable factor? I mean really, can't they think about OUR needs?

Haha, these are really cute.

brittani c. said...

So adorable that even I want to wear them!

Lane Anderson said...

Oh my gosh--I love. You are so right, it's all about the eyebrow. Maybe these are for the Walker kids!