Wednesday, February 2

66 degrees

by meg werner

It is supposed to be near 66 degrees here today, while something like two-thirds of the nation are blanketed with snow. Today is my summer day in February, plus some clouds. Though it always hurts at the end of the day, I crave having that knot at the nape of my neck from long hours at the beach.

Photo by Meg Werner, whose blog I adored back in the early days. Marta did too.

Update: Meg's blog is here.



Meg said...

Ali! Oh my word. I still read your blog and Marta's blog every day!! Every day. I stopped blogging when I graduated grad school (or around that time) and then I completely lost work-life balance. For years. Not just a few weeks or a few months, but it has literally taken me two years to be able to make the time for photography like I once did.

Anyway, this made my day. You can still find me over here: if you want to see some newer photos. I'll be blogging their regularly soon.

Kindest regards

ali said...

Meg! So surprised and so fun to hear from you. I just took a loooong blogging break myself; couldn't find balance, either. Now I think I am back on my feet.

I look forward to seeing more on your blog (sorry I didn't see that it was still up). You are so talented I want you to be able to take all the time you can for photography.

And congratulations on being done with grad school. A little late, I know.

Lane Anderson said...

So true! That knot at the neck is such a good/bad feeling. Wouldn't mind a little of it right about now (17 degrees in NYC).