Thursday, February 24

hollywood jobs

prop 1
prop 2

In light of Oscar season, I've been enjoying the Hollywood Jobs series on NPR's "Morning Edition." We've been introduced to location scouts, production designers, costume designers and one amazing 91-year-old shoemaker. Today, Susan discussed the mysterious world of locating era-appropriate props for movies (objects the actors actually touch), which might not be as glamorous as it sounds. But I think I would like the job. And I would also like a tour of History For Hire.

Listen to/read the story here.

Images by Katie Falkenberg via NPR.



photohogger said...

HOW COOL!! I need to watch this show; what network is it on? Great jobs; I'd love to be a location scout!

JDM said...

Hollywood jobs are so fun and just flat out random.
My niece is currently working for the company that does the gifting for these big events. She just did the Grammy's and got to meet loads of fun people. That whole day she kept us all informed by posting little things on facebook like: Paramore-"I bonded with Taylor York over our unisex name haha." or Florence Welch-"I kind of got us lost in the basement of the Staples Center. Don't judge me."
I'd swear that I didn't care at all but the truth is that somehow I was glued, waiting to see what would happen to her next. Hollywood is bizarre, ostentatious, annoying, entertaining and absolutely above all fascinating.

Lane Anderson said...

You would be good at this job! You have a good eye for things. I remember when you wanted to be a location scout :)

winkie said...

Locating era-appropriate props would be my dream job description! (But I had never even considered that there was such a thing before this moment.) Fascinating...