Sunday, February 20

liking and looking


1. Thank you, Design Mom. You make me feel good with this post.
2. Thank you, Jordan and Elle Decor. So cool to get a mention here.
3. A love story.
4. C and O dressed as twins. Image to follow, hopefully.
5. Visits with friends I never get to see. Friendship is never to be underestimated.
6. Oscar met an Oscar Fish at the aquarium. One was cuter than the other.
7. Lennon in Glasses and the rest of Summer's "Iconic" board.
8. A sewing lesson from my pro-seamstress Mother-in-Law.
9. Cake-baking with my mom.
10. Snowflakes.

Image of Gene Davis' largest installation called "Niagara," covering a 43,680-square-foot parking lot in Lewiston, New York, via UB Art Galleries.


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