Tuesday, February 8

silly buddy

silly buddy

My friend Carly posted these doggy bow tie collars by Silly Buddy on her Facebook page. I kind of love them. Is that dog cute or what?

Colorful Cubes and Harvest Check, $37



Carly said...

Teddy will be wearing the Colorful Cubes to his 1st Birthday Party.

Twiggs said...

oh dear, those dog bows ties are adorable, and that dog is not less than that either!! ;)

Jordan and Jandee said...

Such a willing model too, it looks like he's posing!

Catherine said...

So so cute! I love your new banner too : )

Lane Anderson said...

I have always had a theory that men who wear bow ties or likely to make better friends. Why not the same for dogs?

This would be so cute if you had a dog at a wedding or a party, although unfortunately our dog is always ridiculously misbehaved at parties (never allowed near a wedding).

Hande said...


Thank you very much for featuring our Silly Buddy here on your wonderful blog!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the breed of this adorable baby doggie?