Friday, March 11

liking and looking


01. Thank you for the invitation and mention, Elle Decor.
02. Maybe my new dream job would be to run a play space like this one. So cute.
03. A floating house! A happy marriage of science and imagination.
04. I'd love to get a closer look at this installation piece.
05. It's 7 p.m. and Oscar is in bed, sound asleep.
06. Style by color via Seesaw. (Two unstoppable teams.)
07. We got invited to a birthday party tomorrow night. 'Smores are on the menu.
08. Cool meets pretty with dresses by Felicity Brown.
09. In college, I arranged flowers for a living. I need this refresher course.
10. Donate to the Red Cross and look at this photo to feel a little better about Japan.

I'm hoping the weekend gets better from here.

Image source: "Brown" by Kontor Kontur, via Seesaw.



Kim said...

I've seriously been wanting to take a flower arranging class. Have a fun weekend, I fully support birthday parties that have smores on the menu.

Anonymous said...

Nice list, I checked out each and every one of them! Happy Weekend.

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

love the photo - is it a sneak peak into an office drawer? love the muted pinks and neutral tones.

hogger and co. said...

That is a lovely photo (10)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

Hi! Just found you through your link to my post about the Songyard in my town. Such a cute little spot, isn't it? I love your blog! Also, two of my best friends live in Richmond. If you run across Heather Tanton or Reid Collier say hey for me!