Monday, March 21

liking and looking


Happy Monday instead of Friday? I can't seem to stick to anything these days, especially if it has a deadline and I only have to answer to myself.

01. A baked mac-n-cheese recipe ... with vegetables!
02. The joy of a simple blow fish toy.
03. Men in Bathing Suits, an exhibit.
04. BDDW, Handmade American Furniture via Fergi's pin.
05. Falafel Night.
06. "The Suburb" by Camilla Engman.
07. Did you see the moon on Saturday night? I could have touched it.
08. A lazy, pinned-back ponytail from Sessun.
09. Leprechaun houses.
10. Loving the honesty and encouragement from the Love Out Loud series at Lovely By M.

Image source: "The Suburb" by Camilla Engman.



theolivetree said...

It was cloudy where I was on Saturday...sad day :( love this list!

Pergolina said...

i did touch it and the houses are delicious

Abby said...

MMMmmmm, that mac and cheese looks delish~ combines my two loves, cheese and broccoli! Love the whole list, what pretty images!

hogger and co. said...

Great mac and cheese recipe; I could try it with lactose free cheese!

Alisha Stamper said...

ALI! you're killing me with all the links to the corcoran. May cannot come fast enough when I can be in DC. FINALLY. REAL art. SO excited. Thanks for giving so much inspiration. sigh. Corcoran.

Anonymous said...

Those houses are the cutest thing ever! I'm going to start collecting some envelopes and then do a project with my little one.


Kristina L said...

LOVE "The Suburb!" Making a mental note to try this next time I have an afternoon with my sister-in-law (who's ten years old and loves crafty projects)!