Tuesday, April 5

hello richmond: need supply co.

need supply 1need supply 2need supply bneed supply a

When C and I visited Richmond this summer to see if the move here was doable, we luckily happened upon Carytown and the deal was much closer to sealed. This 30-something mom pushing a stroller liked the vibe of the young, local-centric stretch of Cary Street. When I saw The Byrd I knew I could make it here. (A Mighty Wurlitzer on Saturday nights!)

I was also encouraged by Need Supply, where I picked up one of my favorite necklace thingies of all time last summer. This boutique shop carrying a handful of labels you've never heard of has a vibe that's cool and feminine but slightly rebellious.

Need Supply Co.
3100 W. Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia

Image source: Phone photos by Ali



rooth said...

I'm such a big fan of Need Supply - thanks for taking pictures of the actual store! I've only shopped there online.

M. said...

looks adorable in there!
that's a good find. : )


Brittany said...

everything looks so great! i'd love to shop there.

Megan said...

I just added them to my favorites...Their 'Engineer' dress made my heart skip a beat. Thanks for sharing!

Shelby said...

Ali, on my first trip to Richmond when Dave and I were dating, Carytown is where he took me. Love love love it! You know Dave is from Chester? I hope you guys are liking Richmond. I just happened upon your blog and see you are blogging again. I'm glad you are!

Shelby Gilliatt

ali said...

Shelby, fun to hear from you! And, no, I didn't know Dave is from Chester. (Although I think I remember his going to school at SVU?) We live near Chester...field. Not sure that's the same. :)

A Merry Mishap said...

Need Supply is one of our favorites, we've never been to a brick & mortar store but their webshop is great. I'd probably buy more though, if I walked in there!