Wednesday, June 22

wednesday patterns

leann shapton

In a series called "Wednesday Patterns" for The New York Times Opinion Pages, artist and art director Leanne Shapton recreated patterns she saw on men's ties, her own socks, wool carpets and rows of ravioli, among other things.

Clockwise from top left:

Vintage silk scarf from a secondhand store, worn to a meeting at the British Library.
Painted gate passed on a walk to Museo Pedro de Osma.
Rows of sausage ravioli at Eataly.
Vintage dress from a secondhand store, worn to lunch at Nick's Cove.

Thanks for the link, Emily. I'm happy this made you think of me.



Ana Degenaar said...

Great collection! I love it.

Jane Flanagan said...

So happy!

Lane Anderson said...

I've been to Eataly, and saw lots of overpriced produce but nothing that charming.

I love the idea of her being inspired so simply by every day sights, and re-interpreting them.