Sunday, July 10

baseball, barbecues and baby business

female giants

How cute are these Female Giants? We filled our weekend with some of America's favorite pastimes: baseball and barbecues. We went to our first game in Richmond, and actually, my first baseball game at all, in years. (I go mostly for the junk food, but the between-inning entertainment was provided by a dog-riding monkey called Cowboy Monkey, and he might have stolen the show.) Maybe I would go more often if the Female Giants were still around.

I've also been busy blogging over at Babble. Here are my posts from this week. Check 'em out!

*Born on the Fourth? Here are my picks for patriotic baby names.
*I think my OB wants to break up with me. Help!
*Truth or truth: What do you think about "Stork Parking?"
*How I broke our pregnancy news to Curtis and Oscar. Hint: Pinata!
*Flash sale sites are addictive, with selection this cute.

Image source: "Female Giants" from LOC on Flickr



Lane Anderson said...

Cowboy Monkey!! Ah, this made me miss the 'burbs.

Ana Degenaar said...

What a cute list, I am clicking away!

ivyjeanne said...

Ali, I finally scouted you out on Babble and then made my way to your blog. I've actually visited it before, via a link, at one time or another. So great to meet you and your sweet family while we were in Richmond and now to get to keep up with you through your fun writing and pictures. I hope you are feeling well and that Oscar allows you a little down time now and again. ;) I'll be really excited to hear whether he'll be getting a "baby sister" or a "little boy" -- either way I'm guessing s/he is as adorable as he is.