Sunday, July 3

fourth of july awesomeness

I have a bowl of cherries on my counter. The blue jello is in the fridge. My star-shaped cookie cutter has been recovered. I'm thinking about toddler-appropriate explosives. We are headed to brunches and barbecues tomorrow. (Thank you new-found friends!) I love the Fourth of July.

Some awesome Fourth of July-ish things I've had my eyeballs on:

fourth of july

Emerson's vest. I want it. But maybe I will have to settle for the camo version. :)
Beautiful flag by Michael Leon. (via Fergi's pin)
Flag jello recipe by Fresh Cut. (Image by Sharon Johnson)

And I still love these printable flags Maeve made for us, years ago.



Ana Degenaar said...

Great selection!

Lane Anderson said...

Aw, I love those little flags, too. The old days!

So, how did your jello turn out?????

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

omgosh flag jello?? genius!

Magdalena said...

Ali! We are currently in Richmond for work and it has become one of my favorite cities. Your blog, mostly the post about cary town ;) made me so excited for our adventure our here. Keep the fabulous VA suggestions coming and congrats on the bun - so so fun!