Friday, July 22

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leah verway

I am trying to do a better job of doing things I enjoy. If I build good habits now hopefully things won't fall apart when our new baby comes ... like they did last time. I have been doing a better job of photographing our lives, and documenting our toddler's nuances. Today when I asked him which letter "N" is, he said, "Mmm. That's a tough one."

Here are some links to my Babble posts this week. You just might enjoy:

*There's no doubt Gwen's debuting a children's line at Target.
*Really pretty photos of pregnant ladies. I want one like all of them.
*Hello merbaby. Maybe there is a baby photo prop I like, after all.
*Fixin' to make a handful of homemade sodas this weekend. It's hot, hot, hot!
*I want to look more pregnant. But when I am I'll prolly complain even more.

Image source: "Filly" by Leah Verway for Portland's Spacepdx via Rebecca's pin.



Lane Anderson said...

Love the homemade soda ideas! Did you try any of them? Also, you so did not pop until late last time. Try to enjoy it!

Chaucee said...

That's wonderful! Taking the time to enjoy the little things in life is worth it.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

the homemade soda ideas were great! and i just had to comment on this photo - i thought i recognized emily! she's the designer for the clothing brand filly in portland and we shot her for urban weeds (portland's version of the sartorialist) a while back. she's adorable!

Tanya Ott said...

Just found your blog (via and have to say that "Doing a better job of doing things you enjoy" is a fabulous goal!

I'm a mom of 3 girls (now ages 10, 12, and 16) and I spent my pre-kid years working all the time, the up-to-now kid years crazily running from work to kid/home, back to work .... and now that my kids are fairly self-sufficient I'm have to rediscover what is it I enjoying doing because honestly I've spent so much time doing and living for others I've lost touch of me. I know several other moms in the 40s and up that feel the same way.

So, just a quick a note to say "Go You!" And congrats on the baby ... and have fun with the toddler. Time flies!