Friday, July 15



Summer! My little Oscar had his first real haircut today (I'm going to miss those golden ringlets like crazy) and also his first popsicle which ended in a sticky strawberry mess. We're hoping to go to the beach tomorrow. Weekend, you are so welcome around here.

I've also been busy blogging about pregnancy-related business at Babble. Check out my posts!

*Shew, mosquito. Quit bugging me!
*My favorite room-to-grow ways to avoid maternity shops.
*Crafty? Make this maternity calendar shirt for your photo tracking.
*Your teeth need some love, too. And how.
*Pregnancy turns me into a crazy person/insomniac. Ugh.

Image source: Sessun Journal



Lane Anderson said...

Ooooh. I like the looks of that beach! I'll meet you there week after next :)

Alisha Stamper said...

Also pregnant-- 16 weeks over here. And I feel ya on the crazy + insomnia. I'm also in a funk with providers, so I can commiserate. and p.s. a little while ago you linked up to sharon johnson (the flag jello). She and I are super good friends and colleagues in photo. I love it!