Friday, August 12

friday is here

Last Friday I was laying on a beach in North Carolina with all my favorite people, underneath an umbrella whose colors reminded me of an ice cream shop. I was also looking a bit like a bloated after-dinner mint, in my green suit. (Yes, everything reminds me of food.) I would do just about anything to be there again, but luckily I still have one sister and niece here with me, and that is everything.

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I save a lot of blogging for Babble. I think you'll like these:

*I can't put my granny squares together, so maybe I'll buy one of these cute afghans.
*I love, love, love my diaper bag. And a true diaper bag, it is.
*I can't make any decisions regarding crib bumpers, but these are my favorites.
*I don't like to sound dramatic, but I feel a little like I lost a girl and gained a girl in a matter of hours.



Krista said...

i'm too lazy to sign up so i can comment on babble...but wanted to give a shout out to my skip.hop studio diaper bag. it is the best thing...and has not disappointed. you should check it out.

also, i love kids don't sleep well without it's a must for us!

katbird said...

Oh NC beaches are the best! These shots remind me so much of our own week spent at the Outer Banks last month.