Monday, August 8

thinking pink

pink 1pink 2pink 3pink 4

I've been thinking pink lately. (Maybe we knew she was a girl, even back then.) I don't think I give this color enough credit.

Image sources, top to bottom: By Kris Atomic, Shirley McClaine in "What a Way to Go," 1964, "My Turntable is Happy" by Skunkboy Creatures, fashion pic via They All Hate Us.

Aaaand, an update on my Babble posts last week:

*The run-down on making our big, little announcement.
*Nurseries with crochet details are all the rage.
*I really do like the looks of this gender-reveal party. Wish I held one, with lots of friends to invite.
*Thinking about Natalie and her experience with Pertussis still makes me cry.


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Lane Anderson said...

Wowee--I love that first one. What is it?

Hooray for girls!!!