Thursday, January 11

100 things about me

1. I used to be ashamed of my freckles; now I love them. 2. I dance alone in my house.
3. I get frustrated easily. 4. I judge too quickly and hate myself for it.
5. I can't fall asleep without one foot touching my husband.
6. I love to shop for furniture that I don't need.
7. I blog when I truly don't have time to and it causes problems.
8. I like Mt. Dew, preferably in a Gulp-sized cup, not Big Gulp
9. I only wash my hair twice a week.
10. I bite my fingernails and it really embarrasses me.
11. I embarrass very easily; I blush at the drop of a hat.
12. I have more sets of dishes than can fit in my cupboards.
13. I second guess myself a lot. 14. I used to collect pencils as a kid.
15. I teach primary and it's hard for me. 16. I am the youngest of four girls.
17. My sisters are my best friends. 18. I'm very attached to my family.
19. I feel most alive when I think of childhood. 20. I want to live on a ranch.
21. I like to listen to music alone. 22. I am faithful.
23. I'm a clotheshorse on a budget, and pretty OK at it.
24. I wish I lived in London. 25. I'm very prone to feeling inferior.
26. I'm five feet tall (small).
27. My feet are a size five too. 28. I love watching "Raising Arizona" with my family.
29. I love our condo: I have a design-conscious husband.
30. I like my butt. 31. I love vinegar. 32. I hate sushi. 33. I lived in Hawaii.
34. I lived in London. 35. I lived in D.C. 36. I am very indecisive.
37. I am the worst procrastinator. 38. I'm protective.
39. I am the ultimate night owl; I don't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight.
40. I don't like how young I look. 41. I like my raspy voice. 42. I make a mean pork loin.
43. I like to watch my husband sleep.
44. Sleeping in is heaven. 45. I am scared but love challenges.
46. I love being a first-time aunt. 47. I'm honest, most of the time.
48. I really love "The OC." It's not a joke or exaggeration.
49. I cry too easily, but never in public. 50. Friends are very important to me.
51. I always read a little, though not as much as I would like.
52. I'm sad that I don't journal anymore. 53. Summer nights make me happy.
54. I never feel good enough. 55. I like cake out of the box. 56. I love having a garage.
57. I like plants and flowers and living things.
58. I love spending time with my friends without their husbands.
59. I am impatient, but late.
60. I carry three bags with me almost all of the time.
61. I am worse at crocheting than my husband. 62. I love roadtrips.
63. I get my feelings hurt a little easily, but never let on.
64. I'm really good at Dr. Mario; I won second place in a "championship."
65. I was on drill team. 66. I hate doing my hair. 67. I like babies.
68. I love to cuddle with my dog, Miss Famous. 69. I judge books by their covers.
70. Art museums make me feel good. 71. I am often paralyzed by inspiration.
72. I really like Brussels sprouts. 73. I think I have an OK singing voice.
74. I wish I could read music. 75. I love to travel more than anything. With Curtis.
76. I wouldn't mind being just a little famous. 77. I have a hard time saying what I mean.
78. I like zombies.
79. I've reverted to buying singles instead of albums and am not proud of it.
80. I love prints and patterns and textiles.
81. I like convenient stores.
82. I check my e-mail really, really frequently.
83. My laptop is attached to my hip.
84. I love sample sales (or the idea of them). 85. I prefer color to black-and-white.
86. I love the way I feel when I'm in a small town.
87. I like how I look best when I'm blonde. 88. My middle name is Brighton.
89. I'm jealous of Jamie's brain. 90. I have a soft spot for Curtis.
91. I like to feel important in and a part of other people's lives.
92. I prefer Blimpie to Subway.
93. I order Happy Meals at McDonalds about once every two months. With a cheeseburger.
94. I want to work for a glossy-papered magazine.
95. I'm always taking to new projects that I never finish.
96. I love to shop.
97. I never stop counting my blessings. 98. I love to give gifts, but not wrap them.
99. I prefer cinnamon bears to chocolate.
100. I love to talk to my grandparents about their lives.

Now it's your turn.


marta said...

oh my goodness.
you are too awesome.
your blog is a favorite spot of mine.
i love this.

Kim said...

Good job Ali, I loved that. So fun to get to know things about you I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Ali... Thank you for sharing! I consider you a dear, dear friend, but some of these secrets I didn't know... but, now I do. Loved it! (How did you think of 100???)

Lorilee said...

I loved reading this Ali, and I think I knew almost everything on the list. A few suprises...#31 I love vinegar, #60 I carry three bags with me almost all of the time, and #66 I hate doing my hair---(I sure doesn't show). This was so fun to read...I think I will do the 100 things about me too.

Anonymous said...

How fun! This was so great to read. I tried my own list and by the end, I was completely bored with myself. Thanks for yet another great idea!

ali said...

I cannot take credit for the idea, just the answers. I read this on someone else's blog who I don't even know when I was really bored yesterday and found myself wanting to do the same.

Funny what you learn about yourself. It kept turning into more of a confessional than anything, and it's so easy to point out your flaws, but not your pluses.

And the 100 go by surprisingly fast. One thing leads to another...

All of you should do the same so I can read it! :)

jamieanne said...

You've inspired me! BTW, don't be jealous of my brains...they're not nearly as sexy as yours.

Ron Southern said...
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Lane said...

Ali, I loved reading this. And I talked to Robby yesterday and it was one of the first things he mentioned. He LOVED it. He said he felt like he knew you better afterwards. So, don't worry, there is at least one dude who reads your blog.

ps. Jamie you are damn funny.