Wednesday, January 31

in case you were wondering (and you should be wondering)

The oh-so talented Abby Clawson Low got back to me about who the infamous artists are behind the 2007 Kate Spade calendar (which I learned is still available at the Kate Spade site in three different sizes. It's affordable, to boot ... or shall I say "galosh"?).

They are Abby herself, Paulina Reyes and Anik Palulian. Check out the artist links. Very gifted and brilliant individuals ... and apparently, friendly, too. Which always makes things better.


jamieanne said...

Crap. I want more of these. Only the bigger ones that cost more money. Double crap.

Bridgett said...

I can't believe they posted on Your Heart Out. That is really cool of them. I really like their work, it makes me wish that I was a graphic designer in a big city with fabulous ideas. Oh well, I will just have to buy a calendar to make me feel better.

ABBY LOW said...

hi, thanks for this. i just noticed that you are blogging from utah. i lived in the avenues of salt lake city when i was younger. small world.


Anonymous said...

Anik, is a brilliant creative and a highly valued person to me.
michael dean