Tuesday, August 21

making me happy last week

1. An entire Flickr group dedicated to Bento. (Thanks, Jackie.)
2. Allison's family photos.
3. Sabra won, and graciously. Love this quote: "It's a popularity contest, and I hate to ever, ever be fake. Toward the end, I kept thinking, I don't ever want to put off the impression that I'm not being myself.'' A good philosophy, right?
4. (Little) visitors from Michigan.
5. Seeing some favorite blogging peoples in person. See here, here and here.
6. 400 chocolate-dipped marshmallow Peeps.
7. This blog of found things; a visual wonderland.
8. Bari Zaki's B'Zaar. (Thanks, Black Eiffel. I love these).
9. Wearing yellow shoes on a nice sunny day, with a radiant bride and handsome groom as the stars of the show. Lane & Brit's wedding was lovely and classy and also loads of fun. Love to see old familiar faces and dance like nobody's watching.


Lacey Jane said...

How sweet is that? Love all your petite yellow shoes! I'm sure the wedding was stunning!

Jo said...

i loved allison´s family photos, so lovely!!! and of course the yellow shoes!

have a good week,

becky said...

love the yellow shoes...please share pictures of the wedding!

allison said...

Ali, I feel so privileged to be on your "making me happy" list!

I'm glad you liked the photos :)

and I love the yellow shoes. Congrats to Lane. Oh, and I was so happy Sabra won! yay!

Catherine said...

Those yellow shoes look so gorgeous with the white, such a beautiful idea and photograph.

Robin said...

Those bouquets are so pretty... I'm with Becky - I hope you share more wedding photos!

Lorilee said...

love the white dresses, green grass, yellow shoes, and yellow flowers.
I'm sure Lane's wedding was just as beautiful as yours.

angie said...

loved the shoes - it was great to see you too!

lauracrow said...

ok, i know it's been said before...but, what CUTE shoes!

jamieanne said...

It was a lovely week indeed. I love wearing outfits someone else picks out for me (bridesmaid). And dancing...even if people are watching!

alyson. said...

love those yellow shoes. what fun!

somehow, I just think my day would be brighter by putting on yellow shoes.

whit said...

yellow shoes...adorable. Congrats to the happy couple.